Network Determines Your Net Worth!!
Here on ANR Block, meet other like-minded individuals and learn more about the Entertainment Industry, Blockchain Technology, and Web 3 Innovations all in one place!! Tap into the #welcome and #joining-info channels to see learn more about our mission and see how you can play a role in the community and level-up! And visit our Bounties Page for ways to collect your free $ANR Tokens. It's time to put real, organic music from genuine and talented artists back into the "Music Industry" and learn how to give artists and creatives their power back!! We are also in the development phase of a new platform that will  allow artists to retain ownership, sell, and distribute their  Music NFTs using $ANR Token, and potentially other native tokens, right from their personal website!!! VERY EXCITING STUFF so stay tuned and let us know how we can help you reach your full potential!!